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Gallery style customization
Auto Published Gallery
Follow Hashtags and Usernames
Easily Embed into Website
Re post onto social media
Curated Gallery 
Manage Multiple Galleries 
Insert Adverts into Galleries  
Schedule Advert  
Engage Customers with Deals Redeemable through Social Media   
Schedule and Manage Deals   


Create your own social media gallery of photos and videos in real time and display them on  your website.  
Get daily fresh content onto your gallery on your website by the Gosh technology which collects photos and videos of what people have posted on social media about your business.  
Let Gosh gather your own content from twitter and Instagram and organize it into one gallery and publish it on your website.
Do  you handle more than one website?  Gosh will allow you create multiple galleries and control them from one place.
Add customized images with customized description and set  a schedule for publishing.  This system has many uses.  You can use it for advertisements, create a gallery of website shop items, it can even be used for games.
Have your customers create deal campaigns for you.
Ask your customers and your future potential customers to take a photo of your product and post it onto their Twitter or Instagram account with a specific hashtag ie #yourbrand.
Offer all customers who post your product a deal. To avail of this they click on either Twitter or Instagram on the Gosh Deal widget depending on which of their social media they used.

This gives you the opportunity to create deals on your website.
How this works 
The Gosh App will check if the user has posted a photo with the wanted #hashtag and if so it will generate a unique code so that the user can exchange it for a deal.

There are many how-to videos on our website under blog section which explains how to use Gosh technology.