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Create a social media photo & video gallery in real time



Whether you are a small coffee shop or large e-commerce site, gosh makes it easy to gather great quality photos and videos from social media in real time. You select the photos you want to appear in your gallery and immediately publish them in a gosh gallery on your website or social media channel, in a very simple step by step process.  The Gallery can be updated and changed as often as you like.


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Real time social media photo gallery

Create your social media photo gallery with Gosh, by gathering and selecting up-to-date photos and videos from social media channels and uploading them in a gallery on your website to share with your customers.

Search engine

Gosh, the search engine that collects (geo-located) photos and videos from social media which are freely available to re-publish on your website and social media accounts.  Search any #s and @usernames of interest 


Grow your business by being part of the conversation about your brand.

By regularly sharing customers photos content on your website and responding to customers images from a range of social media, you are connecting with your customers and building a brand relationship.

Follow any #s and @usernames of interest

Content marketing & SEO

Update your website regularly, with fresh, ‘user-generated’ content.

If you want to increase sales and generate new leads, getting high rankings from search engines is essential. All major search engines favour websites with fresh content so updating your website regularly, with fresh, user-generated content (photos and videos from GOSH, published by your customers about your brand on social media), will help improve your SEO

Create a social media campaign

Update your website regularly, with fresh, ‘user-generated’ content (photos, videos) published by your customers about your brand on social media.

Gosh gives you the opportunity to create your own social media campaign, share content across your social media channels and create your own branded #hashtags, easily and quickly. Use the gallery to run a competition for your customers by inserting text in one of the gallery's image boxes.

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Hi and welcome to Gosh Deals competition. Avail of the opportunity to be able to use the Gosh.live platform free for 6 months.

Create your own customized gallery

In this tutorial we are helping you to create and control the look and feel of your Gosh.live gallery. You will see detailed instructions on what tools are available to do this.

How to make a Gosh.live gallery

This video gives you detailed instructions on how to make a Gosh.live gallery and how you can embed this gallery onto your Website.


Gosh Galleries really helped bring some life to my website. I just like how easy it is to get great pictures and videos on to my website in a few clicks. I also could control everything from one hub which is important for me as it saves me time.

- KATHRYN, Owner of Stylish arms

GOSH is perfect for managing an ongoing social media campaign and monitoring the success of a unique hashtag# for a given event or period of time. With the 'auto-publish' feature, you can let GOSH publish the campaign content straight to your website gallery letting you get on with optimising and engaging with customers throughout a campaign.

- Managing Director, Castle 33

We are currently running a promotion in Leopardstown, so I am able to specifically and easily create a gallery for this and send it to whoever I need to to see it.

- Online Marketing Manager Hotel Group

Simple to integrate, visually beautiful.

- Developer from Beautifi

Highlight the ability to select individual consumer photos as there are a lot of API that pull in everything on a particular ♯tag but not many that has a monitoring system built in too.

- Community Manager Irish Distillers (Jameson Whiskey)

Auto-publish feature is awesome!

- Senior Programmatic Account Manager, Amnet Ireland, Dentsu Aegis Group